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FBA Air Freight

NV Cargo offers Amazon Sellers with own VAT the excellent customs clearance services through our UK London Heathrow Airport and Belgium Airport bonded warehouse and Amazon FBA delivery service. NV Cargo will co-ordinate with the seller of Amazon FBA service to transport the goods from China to the UK and Belgium by air/courier. We will help you to complete the clearance through the UK and Belgium bonded warehouse, and then transport the goods to the Amazon fulfilment in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, other Eastern European and the UK.


Customs Clearance Efficiency

Normal customs clearance will take between 24-48 hours, except where goods require customs inspection. If the goods arrive at Heathrow and Belgium Airport before 17:00 on the same day, the Airline Handling Agent will complete the handling / transfer by 17:00 back to our bonded warehouse, and we can finish customs clearance and have the goods collected back to the  warehouse on the same evening. The Amazon arrangement for delivery will be done in the following day. 

DPD/ DPDgroup/Geopost

DPD is another very important logistics company in addition to the four international express delivery. In 2006, the French international express parcel company GeoPost was renamed DPD. In 2015, it was renamed DPD Group again, and it processed 3 million packages every day. It is said to be the second largest international parcel distribution network in Europe. Customers can check the DPD consignment at

We can provide the UK DPD sub account, the seller can directly print the labels, after the shipment hand over to DPD , Customer can directly track the consignment number and check the progress of the delivery.


DPD Package Requirement

DPD International size: less than 30 kg, the circumference cannot exceed 3 meters, one side can not exceed 1.75 meters.

DPD British size: 30 kg or less, the circumference can not exceed 2.3 meters, one side can not exceed 1 meter, one address in the UK at least two boxes The DPD label needs to be clear.

It is recommended to put double or even triple labels. We are not responsible for the loss of parcel because of the damaged labels.

Import Vat and Duty

Import duties: declared value x (tariff rate)

Import VAT: (freight + insurance + VAT adjustment tax + declared value + import duty) X 20%

Terms and Agreement

(1)The consignee cannot be on Amazon.  It is recommended to fill in importers name.
(2)The relevant import documents like invoice, packing list, airway bills and CE certificates will be notified to our import department one day before the goods arrive at the airport. Customer will be responsible for the storage fee because of late notification of documents.
(3)New Vision has the right to seize the goods because the payment exceeds the time limit agreed by both parties.