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Changes to Amazon EU FBA fees are coming
Date:2018-09-19 17:24:28| Views:

Coming this week, there will be changes to Amazon EU FBA fees. They  come into force on the 26th of April. The changes will apply to items  stored in the five dedicated country specific marketplaces (UK, France,  Italy, Spain, France and Germany) and also fulfilment centres in the  Czech Republic and Poland.

Here Amazon explains the major changes:

  • Change to Local Fulfilment Fees: We will adjust our  fulfilment fees for products sold on Amazon marketplaces and shipped  from a fulfilment centre in the same Amazon marketplace. Units fulfilled  as part of the Pan-European programme will continue to be charged the  local fulfilment fee from the marketplace in which the product was  purchased.

  • Change to European Fulfilment Network (EFN) Fees:  We will adjust our cross-border EFN fulfilment fees for products sold on  Amazon marketplaces and shipped across European borders from a  fulfilment centre in another Amazon marketplace in Europe.

  • Change to Monthly Storage Fees: Monthly storage fees will be increased for inventory stored in European fulfilment centres.

  • Elimination of Zero Fee Fulfilment: The Zero Fee  Fulfilment discount for standard-size items that sell for £300/€350 or  more will be discontinued. Fulfilment fees based on the product size  tier will apply.

There is a lot to digest and read, and the full information can be found on this Amazon page.

Changes to Amazon EU FBA monthly storage fees

From April 26, 2018, the inventory storage fee for items stored in  United Kingdom fulfilment centres will be £0.65 per cubic foot between  January and September and £0.91 per cubic foot between October and  December to account of seasonality.

And looking to other European countries, from the same date the  inventory storage fee for items stored in Germany, France, Italy, Spain,  Poland and Czech Republic fulfilment centres will be €26 per cubic  metre between January and September and €36 per cubic metre between  October and December.

Amazon EU FBA changes coming later in the year

More developments will be coming later in the year:

There will be an expansion of Returns Processing Fee into Jewellery, Watches and Luggage Categories from September.

And October will see the introduction of Manual Processing Fee:  Amazon will require merchants to provide box content information for  each box sent to Amazon. Sellers who don’t provide box content  information will be subject to  Manual Processing Fee for each unit.

Don’t forget that there is also the handy Amazon FBA Revenue calculator available to help you assess what you will pay. (Although at least  until the 26th April, this will likely operate on the old fees.)

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